Shade offers group pet classes, privates, competition obedience and  agression problem solving.
She teaches mainly in the communities of North Kitsap and Bainbridge Island, but
branches out occasionally into Seattle and Olympia.

Training Philosophy
Shade explains her training philosophy in her own words: I strive to teach and implement POSITIVE ways of training, to be fair to our dogs, to improve the relationship between us, and to use whatever treat, toy or tug motivates your individual dog. This is my passion and my life's work. Lately, I have introduced clicker and marker training into my classes with great success. When dogs offer and choose behaviors, and the handler marks and rewards those "captured" behaviors, the dog learns faster, stronger and clearer. I like to respect the dog as a thinking partner in the learning process, and to also use what the dog brings to the table. Chasing the cat? Chase your ball instead! Rather than stop behaviors, I prefer to teach an alternative behavior incompatible with the first, using the dog's natural drives and motivations. With my training, I teach you where your dog is coming from. Hopefully, you will emerge out of the experience with a better understanding of why your dog does what he does, and with a fair and giving relationship with your dog. And best of all, it's FUN!

Continuing Education
Since theories of learning constantly change, based on new research and studies, I continue to keep myself updated by attending numerous seminars, and subscribing to respected dog training publications. There is always something to learn. Even if I don't always agree with an instructor's methods, or how they got a certain result, I might agree with the basic concept. Seeing other instructors and teachers strengthens my belief in my own specific training methods. I thank my training groups, my friends and clients for letting me bounce ideas off them, for proofing and distraction of my own dogs, for videoing and picture taking and for just general support!


I thank Ivan Balabanov, Lance Collins, Janice Gunn, Anne Kent, Polly Klein, Les Flores, Mike Schmidt, and John Rogerson. "It takes a village to become a professional dog trainer and to get a dog to national competition. I thank my club, my friends and my clients for letting me bounce ideas off them, for proofing and distraction and for putting the sleeve on and standing in the blind


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